It really is all about the art . . .

For me, creating art is all about passion. It's a way for me to breathe life into the visions in my head, without using words, despite how fond I am of the written word. I can be very verbose at times, and have been known to ramble on.If you find your way here, feel free to browse and say hello. But please treat this little space of mine as you would your own, I would be greatly appreciative of that courtesy. If art is your passion as well, I would love to see your little place on the web.

I think, that in a way, we all inspire each other, as well as draw inspiration from the things we can see, and the things we perceive. As they say, it's about the journey, not the destination. So inessence, this is my journey thus far.

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This is another RPG style image that I made late, last year, November 20 to be exact. I was not entirely happy with the way the hair, something I noticed when the image was done. But, to go back, well no, not at this point . . . more
I am usually available for individual commission work. I work within the fantasy genre the most, specializing in character portraits. For more information and details please click here.
Printed items of my artwork are available for purchase online. My artwork can also be licensed for digital download. Please click here for details.
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